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    Cubs at Red Sox
    7:30pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Snappers at Reds
    9:00am EDT Ical_event_icon

    Knights at Pirates
    11:00am EDT Ical_event_icon

    Red Sox at Yankees
    11:00am EDT Ical_event_icon

    Colt 45s at Colt 45s
    12:00pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Devils at Athletics
    2:30pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Rangers at Orioles
    3:30pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Reds at Rays
    12:30pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Snappers at Dodgers
    12:30pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Braves at Athletics
    1:00pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Red Sox at Cubs
    1:30pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    White Sox at Pirates
    1:30pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Rays at Dodgers
    4:15pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Indians at Athletics
    7:30pm EDT Ical_event_icon

    Updates & News

    Knights Tickets $15

    06/03/2016, 9:15pm EDT
    By Shawn Moore

    Charlotte Knights Ticket Discount Offer

    CABL now has partial season tickets to Knights games in the Field Box/HR Seats for $15 each.  Tickets are available for select games in June - August. 

    You can purchase up to eight (8) tickets per game from the league store or navigate by clicking on [Store] in the menu above.

    This is an extremely generous offer that I and the CABL Board hope you will take advantage of and enjoy!

    Shawn Moore
    President, CABL

    Classic Division Open Practice

    04/25/2016, 6:00pm EDT
    By Timothy Drumm

    Classic Open Practice

    April 30, 2016

    11am - 1pm

    Queens Grant HS


    Division Standings

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